Wake up the animal in you with these amazing tiger nails, that will always look great on you, no matter what. Girls with such nails are definitely wild by nature! The designs were made by various women from around the globe. Some of these are really easy to make, so check them out in the collection below!

Tiger Nails

Zebrinha Prata e Preta

Tiger nails

Tiger Nails 01

Purple Tiger

Tiger Nails


Paper Tiger

Caneta Decoração da Risqué + Kishan - Tiger's Quest nails

Blue Tiger

Tiger nails

Gold Tiger


rawr (:

tigre / www.gotasdibeleza.com

Tiger Stripes

Tiger Nails

Day 13: Animal Print (Essence Pool Party & Konad Special White)

Tiger Nails (sunlight)

tiger stripes

gay tiger

Lil Gold N Black Dots & Tiger Stripes

eye of the tiger

Tiger Nails

Flocked nails: animal print

10/15/09 - Nail Art

Nabi + Apipila

Rainbow Tiger Nails

Prototype TIGER Stripes 2

Tiger-striped nails

Tiger Safari Needle Drag Nail Art Design

Tiger print

 tiger mani

Nail art - Tigre

animal print

Confused About Tigers Nail Art - Step 2

Nabi + Apipila