This nail design is perfect for those girls, who want to achieve a little more complex, but a lot more stylish effect. To see how it’s done, you can check out under tutorials, but if you lack ideas, check out this collection of different argyle nail designs and find the perfect one, that suits you well. These nails are a real piece of art and were painted by different people from all around the globe.

Multicolor Argyle

Argyle Nails

I'm bad at things

Konad manicure with faux turquoise

Konad - argyle

Argyle nails

black and magenta argyle #nailart jamberry nail shields in action

colerful argyle  easy affordable nail polish alternative from Jamberry Nails

Argyle stamping

im-sorry-no-one-likes-you: New argyle nails. Not the best...

Jamberry Nails


Summer Argyle

Bahamian Escape Konad

China Glaze VIII & M60